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Power Transformer
Up to 35kV Power Transformer (up to 40000KVA)
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Product Features
1.These types of power distribution transformers have High Efficiency, Low Loss, Low Noise Characters;
2. Good Inside Heat Emission, High Anti Short Circuit, Safe And Reliable; 3. Empty, Load Loss Is Low;
4. Reliable, long service life, free maintenance.

Transformer Standards

GB 1094.1-1996 GB 1094.2-1996

GB 1094.3-2003 GB/T 7595-2008

GB/T 6451-2008 JB/T 3837-2010

Transformer Special Service Conditions

1. The height above sea level is above 1000m
2. Ambient temperature
3. Highest air temperature is above 40°C
4. Lowest air temperature Lower than 45°C (defines in detail when placing an order)

Transformer Normal Service Conditions
1 The height above the sea level is below 1000m

2 Ambient temperature:
■ Highest air temperature +40°C
■ Highest daily average air temperature+30°C

■ Highest annual average air temperature +20°C

■ Lowest outdoor air temperature -25°C

S11 Series up to 35kV distributtion transformer
50KVA-1600KVA 3-Phase Duplex Winding Off-load Tap-Changing Distribution Transformer

types of power distribution transformers suppliers

1. Rated capacity 500KVA and below transformer, the load loss above the oblique line in the table applies to Dyn11 or Yzn11; the load loss below the oblique line applies to Yyn0.
2. According to requirements, this 33kv transformer can supply HV tap change ± 2x 2.5%.

630KVA-31500KVA Triple Phase Duplex Winding Non Off-load Regulating Power Transformer

33kv transformer manufacturers

SZ11 Series up tp 35kV power transformer
2000KVA-20000KVA 3-Phase Duplex Winding Off-load Tap-Changing Power Transformer

33kv transformer wholesale

Technical Specifications: