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Distribution Transformer
10 KV Distribution Transformer (up to 6300KVA)
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S11-10kV Series Hermetically-sealed Distribution Oil Immersed Transformer


Working condition

1. Installation mode: indoor/ outdoor/ type.
2. Highest ambient temperature should not over +40°C; highest daily average temperature should not over +30 °C .
3. Highest annual average temperature should not over +20°C , lowest temperature should not below-25'C .
4. Highest altitude: 1000m
* We can supply the transformers which operate in special operating conditions according to use's requirements.

Reference standards

1 .Power transformer: GB1094.1-2-1996, GB1094.3-2003, GB1094.5-2008

2. Three-phase oil-immersed transformers: GB/T6451-2008

Performance characteristics

1 .A multilayer cylinder structure is used for all high voltage windings in order to improve the voltage impulse distribution of windings.
2. For the capacity range of low voltage windings is from 30KVA to 2000KVA,the cylinder type or spiral structure is used to ensure the high mechanical strength, ampere lure distribution, and excellent short-circuits proof performance.

3.The securing structure is set in the transformer body, which is used for ensuring that no displacement will occur during the transportation;meanwhile, the turnbuckles are mounted in fasteners, which is for assuring that fasteners will not be loose during the long term operation.
4. Corrugated tanks are used in the transformer for replacing the conservator. The tank enclosure and rim are completely sealed by welding or bolting up, which prolongs the service life of transformer oil.

5. The transformer surface are painted with primer and finish coats after degreasing, derusting, and phosphorizing; which can meet the special operation requirements in metallurgic and petrochemical industries, as well as, in moist and dirty places.

6. The press relief valves, signal thermometers, and gas relays are equipped in the oil tank of hermetically sealed transformer in order to the standard requirement for safe operation.

The amorphous metal distribution transformer are attractive and competitive due to the compact shape, excellent design, and maintenance-free.

7.Power transformer:
S9 No-loaded losses, Load-loss comply with GB/ T6451-2008
510 No-loaded losses is lower 10% than GB/T6451 -2008Load-loss is lower 5% than GB/T6451-2008
511 No-loaded losses is lower 20% than GB/T6451-2008 Load-loss is lower 5% than GB/T6451-2008

Technical parameters of S11-M-30 2500/11 series distribution transformers

Technical parameters of S11 -6300/11 series distribution transformers


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