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    Changzhou is located in the booming high-tech intensive area of the Yangtze River Delta. Changzhou Special Transformer Co., Ltd., known for its production of "Wenfu Transformers", is located in the eastern suburbs development zone of the city. The company was founded in 1986 and covers an area of 100,000 square meters. Changzhou Special Transformer Co., Ltd. is a new type of enterprise guided by modern concepts that are in line with international standards. It is the first batch of enterprises recommended by the State Economic and Trade Commission for grid transformation, a qualified enterprise in the electrical industry of Jiangsu Province, a qualified enterprise for measurement confirmation, and a AAA-level credit enterprise of the People's Bank of China , Jiangsu Province Excellent Private Enterprise, Industrial and Commercial Exemption Enterprise, China Pacific Insurance Company Honorary Insurance Enterprise.


    Changzhou Special Transformer Co., Ltd. regards product quality as its life, and its corporate philosophy: quality-oriented is stability, and winning the market is a blessing. The company has passed ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification. The process technology of "Wenfu Transformer" is synchronized with the world, the design is optimized, and the goal is "zero defect". Changzhou Special Transformer Co., Ltd. aims to serve the market, and the various special needs of customers for products are our mission to overcome difficulties and go all out.


    The main products of "Wenfu Transformer" are: 110KV class power transformer, 6-35KV class new S9, S10, S11, SM power transformer, ZGS9-Z(H) combined transformer, ZS, ZSS rectifier transformer, HSSP electric furnace transformer, HYDK electric desalination, CKS reactor, SJD grounding transformer, XDJ arc suppression coil, SG, SC(B) dry-type transformer, amorphous alloy transformer series, DZ12 series single-phase pole-mounted distribution transformer, SB11-M oil-immersed Electric transformer, KBSGZY mine explosion-proof mobile substation, KBSG mine explosion-proof dry-type transformer, SC (B) low-voltage high-current special specification transformer, and a new generation of low-loss, low-noise, environmentally friendly and energy-saving power transformers. Switchgear products include GCS, GGD, GCK, MNS, etc. Box-type substations include YBM(P)-12 pre-installed substations and American box-type substations.

     "Wenfu Transformer" has won a large number of users across the country with its significant advantages in function, quality, price and service. Its products are distributed in various large-scale power, metallurgy, chemical, steel, coal and other industries across the country. It is also exported to the United States, Europe, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa and other parts of the world